Data Center

Backup, Recovery and Archive (BURA)

It is not just copy a data, but also process of recovery and store a data in a long time retention.

Backup, Recovery, and Archive (BURA) solutions is always required for customers need to improve business resilience and uptime, reduce management costs, and secure their data assets for long-term retention. The deduplication and compression are the most valuable for enterprise backup storage device. You can do fast recovery of files or Virtual Machines if requirement being on-premises.

How Deduplication and Compression Work

The on-premises protected data comprises data center workloads, such as file share, file system, operating system, database, email, content management data, CRM and ERP.PT Helios Informatika Nusantara and Hewlett Packard Enterprise understand the three important points to keep customer data protections :

  • Availability
    Ensure data availability 24 x 365.
  • Protections
    Reduce risk of data loss and ensure rapid recovery with compete continuum of snapshot management solutions.
  • Retention
    Retain and access data longer.