Data Center

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Plan for unexpected downtime to reduce risk.

Businesses are suffering increasing downtime due to technology failure or hacking events that are damaging their precious brands.

Technology makes you competitive and improves the customer experience, but its complexity also increases fragility. Infrastructure and operations (I&O) pros must develop a more comprehensive business technology (BT) resiliency strategy to mitigate risks to their brands.

Support for business continuity must embrace a continuum from mission-critical to business-basic apps and data. 

Some examples of vital applications and services include 

  • Retail : point of sale, e-commerce, online transactions, and order processing
  • Manufacturing : continuous production control processes and multi-channel distribution
  • Healthcare : real-time patient and lab data, provider information retrieval
  • Transportation : reservations, ticketing, scheduling

A Hybrid IT approach helps you plan for the unexpected by providing mission-critical capabilities that empower you to reduce risk and ensure infrastructure availability.

With HPE High Availability for Hybrid IT solution helps you plan for the unexpected and meet the challenges of high availability, business continuity and recovery in Hybrid IT environments.