Data Center

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged solutions provide a simple, efficient, software-defined platform.

Today's infrastructure complexity problem is caused by antiquated data architectures not suited for modern virtualized and cloud-integrated applications

Apps are growing 5x faster than IT can deliver, managing the IT stack consumes 80% of time and budgets, and cloud expenses are increasing rapidly. Hyperconverged infrastructure systems empower IT to overcome these challenges, so you can reduce the cost and complexity of your IT environment and deliver the technology your organisation needs.

Hyperconvergence solve common business problem

  1. Data center consolidation
    Minimise your data centre footprint for lower upfront costs, greater operational efficiency, and improved performance.
  2. Data protection and disaster recovery
    Protect your data in a fraction of the time required by legacy solutions with end-to-end data protection and automated disaster recovery.
  3. VDI Scalability
    Scale up VDI with unmatched performance. Get more virtual desktops on less hardware and globally backup, restore, or clone a VM in three clicks or less.
  4. Unification of remote and branch offices
    Remove distance as a limitation with built-in data efficiency and protection for ROBOs, cost-effective scalability, and centralised management.
  5. Compatibility with hybrid cloud
    Get enterprise-level performance, reliability, and control with the efficiency, flexibility, and economics of cloud.
  6. Optimisation of Tier-1 apps
    Improve the performance and recovery time of Tier-1 applications like Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Oracle.