Analytical Solutions

Sit back and let NCR deliver your data.

The important feature of NCR besides Mobile POS is it has a business analytical solution. This could be needed by retailer because they need a simply and integrated system in their business. NCR provide data analytical from end to front business process. To know your business, with an integrated calendar, sales intelligence down to the finest detail and automated forecasting. When you have in-depth data in your product mix, you can easily manage your stock and forecast with ease.

For example, NCR can provide the data which item is the best seller unit in certain time or whether such as: in the lunch hour, which food are looked for the most or in the summertime which drink are the best seller. In can be your next business decision. To increase productivity, NCR has integrated texting, shift swapping and sales reports to your labor. every process did by your labor will be compiled in a smart system and as an owner, you will easily track and manage in your mobile dashboard.

NCR will make your life easier, and help you take the “guess” out of work. Sit back and let NCR deliver your data.