Cloud Access Security

Smart and modern security for enterprise cloud

Today, more and more company has left the usage of traditional PC for mobile devices which made the mobile result, businesses that are transitioning from PC environments to mobile apps and cloud services have to rethink their security approach. Traditional, PC-based security solutions that rely primarily on user ID and password can’t sufficiently protect cloud data from falling into the wrong hands through unsecured mobile apps. Mobile app-to-cloud security requires a solution that enforces policy based on both user identity and the security posture of the mobile device and app.

With MobileIron Access, now IT can provide conditional cloud access on mobile apps and browsers for business users. The MobileIron Access will actively check every attempt to cloud services and help eliminate users to access the cloud services from unsecured device and apps. Only once the device is secured by MobileIron and apps are downloaded from the secure enterprise app store can access the enterprise, corporate, or agency data on cloud services.

To summarize, MobileIron Access can help organizations to;

  • Prevent data loss from cloud services - MobileIron Access reduces the risk of data loss using conditional access policies, so that enterprise cloud services and data are only available to trusted users, on secured/compliant devices, using managed apps, and sanctioned cloud services.
  • Enhance user experience - MobileIron Access improves user experience by providing seamless, secure SSO for enterprise cloud services so that users are not required to repeatedly enter username-passwords on mobile devices.
  • Gain in-depth visibility - MobileIron Access allows organizations to easily identify and track types of devices, apps, and cloud services being used to connect with enterprise cloud services. This the unprecedented level of visibility makes it easier for organizations to track down non-compliant users and take remediation actions to drive compliance.