When we say "digital", many people automatically think about technology

When we say "digital", many people automatically think about technology. As we know, digital transformation almost affects all industry even the education sector.  The fact is technology can help both of teacher and student in their roles and confidence in using e-learning. 

Education Sector

Nowadays, education sector is transforms to technological curriculum, called eLearning. eLearning is all about using electronic technologies for educational curriculum outside the boundaries of classroom learning. Using mobile device is also challenging in education sector. Because it needs to be managed to avoid unnecessary usage, so that the organization effectiveness will be possibly reached. On the other hand, the device is need to remotely managed by an IT admin to produce a effective e-learning system.

According to mobility era, we can help you to reach e-learning effectiveness. We can provide a solution to simplify the communication between teacher and student, using mobile apps solutions. Moreover, it is possible to screen sharing between teacher and student, so that the e-learning method is more effective. Another solution is we can manage the mobile data usage by controlling internet access due to the time policy and customize the devices due to the usage. So that E-learning system will be more efficient.