Healthcare and Hospital Network

Create a rich and engaging healthcare experience for everyone

As hospitals and clinics scramble to meet the growing demand for personalized healthcare, mobile enterprise networks become the foundation to deliver a more meaningful and positive experience.

Today’s Trends in healthcare:

1.    Driving towards 100% digital patient records
As we entered the new era, there is no longer time to search patient records in stacks of papers.

2.    Securing patient data

  •        66% of Healthcare breaches involve internal actors.
  •        Medical Records are the target of breaches 70% of the time.
  •        64% of the time breaches are financially motivated (based on 2017 Verizon Breach Report)

    3.    Improving patient satisfaction
    Hospitals are a stressful place. Being a patient or a visitor of a sick loved one can surface anxious and vulnerable feelings and make matters worse, hospitals are often crowded and fast-paced.

    To keep up with those trends, clinics and hospitals are being forced to have the right infrastructure and examine the health of their current network infrastructure. To make the hospital less stressful, they must have :

    1.    Ultra-reliable network infrastructure
    While hospital runs, technology can’t get in the way. The Wi-Fi used throughout the hospital and clinic needs to be ultra-reliable, enterprise-grade and stable.

    2.    Aruba ClearPass for secure network access control
    Clinicians and staff can stay connected to Wi-Fi using their favorite mobile devices and patients can Skype with family and friends or post-Facebook updates without compromising the performance or security of critical-care apps on the same network.

    3.    Mobile engagement
    It can be a challenge for patients and healthcare staff to navigate their way through large hospitals and medical centers. The Aruba Meridian mobile app platform enables hospitals and clinics to create mobile apps or improve existing apps with features such as indoor wayfinding that offers turn-by-turn directions to appointments.
    Aruba Location Services, powered by Aruba Bluetooth low-energy beacons, integrate with the Meridian mobile app platform to improve the patient experience with location-aware features like a glowing blue dot on an indoor map.

    4.    Asset tracking
    Reduce the costs associated with the loss of shared medical equipment with Aruba tags, such as wheelchairs, diagnostic charts, and infusion pumps, by using the built-in, real-time location tracking capability.

    Below the benefits of having the right network infrastructure :

    • Reduces patient stress
    • With the help of Aruba Meridian, patients do not have to spend a lot of your time in infamously long hospital queues since the registration is just a click away from your phone. Moreover, an indoor map powered by Aruba Location Service ensures that patients have an easy way to get to their appointments on time, thus significantly reduce their stress and create a more positive hospital visit.

    • Treating more patients
    • As wayfinding becomes an easy job, patients will no longer miss doctor appointments and health care staff no longer need to readjust any schedule, resulting in more patients can be treated.

    • Reduce the risk of asset lost
    • Since all the assets can be tracked in real-time, we can find them easily and no need to worry that they might be lost.

    • Increase productivity
    • Since all the patient records computerized, hospital staffs don’t need to spend many times to dig into stacks of paper.