History Tracking

Optimize the business productivity using mobility tracking solutions

Nowadays, enterprise has realized that business process is changing along with technology growth. Technology such as gadget and mobile applications are commonly used in the business environment, also known as mobile working era. However, it will be a challenge for the enterprise business. The company expects their employees to be more productive than usual. They are required to work from any locations. As business grows, company rely more on technology to manage mobile workers. One eminent technology is mobile device management (MDM) which helps company to monitor and manage employees as they move around. Beside the real-time device management, company is also possible to keep the history location of the devices in order to minimize the unwanted circumstances, such as: lost devices, lost internet connection, etc.

To answer these challenges, we offer you our mobility solutions; which can be easily managed and operated. Our solutions enable company to find out the current location of the device in real-time. We can offer you the easiness to manage the device. Also, you are possible to see the detailed information about the device, such as: battery level, signal strength, connectivity, the last seen of the device and the device’s serial number. In addition, the companies are able to know the current location of their mobile employees. More than that, we can even offer you history tracking feature. Our solution can keep the device’s location history up to 30 days. The device’s location can be fetched by custom at certain intervals, such as: to capture the location every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.

The company is possible to track the history location daily even weekly and it is sorted by the user’s device. To prevent the wasteful device battery usage, it can also be fetched at any time other than the specified time interval. You can permanently enable the device location and prevent users from disabling it. By implementing our solutions, your business can grow smoothly and easily managed anytime. There is no need to worry about moving to mobile working era. Our solution helps your business become more efficient.