Inventory Management

Inventory control solution

Significant growth of retail business doesn’t mean those retailers use a smart system to do their business. Most of them still use traditional inventory management by manually adjusting stock levels for each product and record all transaction on a spreadsheet. To avoid overselling and out-of-stocks, it’s a good idea to invest a smart mobile inventory management solution. Using our smart mobile POS there is no more manual system you need to do to manage your inventory and everything will be smoothly run.

This solution will be automatically adjusted with each sale or stock receipt, your costs and profits are tracked in real-time and accurate. Quickly scan items into the point of sale to reduce check out times and guarantee inventory accuracy. You can easily track profitability and decide which vendors and items are most important to your business, moving average of COGS to adjust if there is abnormal case like expired stock. This solution allows you to update your inventory of raw ingredients with the latest deliveries or purchases. Uses POS and actual data to determine what you should currently have in inventory and it will be tied to the POS. Imagine if you have automatically synchronized system, so you can improve sales and reduce the time spent in managing inventory!