Focused on achieving Enterprise Mobility by leveraging the internet and mobile technology revolution

Nowadays,  every business and organization are focused on achieving Enterprise Mobility by leveraging the internet and mobile technology revolution. This encourages the manufacturing industry to use mobile solutions to support their business purposes. Talking about the manufacturing industry ,we can imagine that every single process on manufacturing line until the distribution line have many employees, so to prevent human error occurred, this industry need more automation solution.

With Smart Manufacturing solution  you can manage all various task with efficient and make your employees more productive. Your employee can have visibility and control your production status & Inventory movement real time  from their smartphone.

In manufacturing production line, we know the condition of environmental conditions are less friendly  like high vibrations, extreme temperatures, humidity, dust and rough handling. For this tough environments, we need the durable enough device to withstand harsh conditions that can assured your device is protected against dust and water. beside that in production line , for the safety purpose the  employee are recommended to using glove to keep  their hand still warm & dry, so for make sure they can access the device smoothly , we need to find the rugged device that have the high touch sensitivity.

Warehouse Automation

The next issue for manufacturing industry is how  to monitor & keep their production goods in their warehouse. For gets the accurate inventory records &  supply chain. Warehouse need WH automation solution, Nowadays we can find in the modern warehouse , most of them have used mobile device to scan their product barcode. but sometimes the  WH employee have a problem to scan the product that located in unreachable area. so for this case we need the  accurate mobile device that can scan multiple barcode label for faster process & have ability to scan for far distance.

Precision Monitoring for Logistics

The last process on manufacturing industry is logistic distribution. For optimize & monitoring  the process of delivery  we can use mobile technology to meet the goals. With force  GPS  locations feature  we can force the device GPS cannot be turn off  by the driver & prevent using fake GPS ,  so you can track  your logistics vehicle in real time  without worry to beingtricked by your driver.

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