Mobile Application Management

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We have all heard stories of rogue mobile apps installed by users on their devices. Without proper security protections, these apps can wreak havoc on enterprise security by gaining access via a trusted users mobile device to back end servers, sensitive data and even entire networks. In one celebrated case, a mobile malware app has reportedly been using impersonation, overlay and ransomware techniques all in one rogue app.

Mobile Application Management empowers IT administrators to distribute, update, manage and secure applications on shared, personal and corporate owned mobile smartphones and tablets. IT administrators will typically access a centralized console that manages the deployment lifecycle of the applications in the enterprise environment from end-to-end.

One of the key capabilities of Mobile Application Management software is the real-time nature of app management. Administrators need to be able to configure alerts based on app usage, compliance or non-compliance, and user behavior as well as report on app inventory, usage, and histories.

Mobile Application Management gives you application-level encryption and security policies that work regardless of device security. Containerization restricts data sharing, so users can install whatever personal apps they want also isolates applications or application groups, preventing them from sharing data with apps outside of that group.

With the evolution of the enterprise apps, the overall scenario of conducting business operations have undergone a pivotal change. The application has on one hand enhanced the efficiency of the employees and on the other the productivity of the business have also increased. Therefore, most business organizations have already invested their time and money in creating an enterprise mobile app for their employees and customers.