Mobile Content Management

Manage and distribute your corporate mobile content solution

The development and distribution rate of mobile content, from digital documents to videos, is unprecedented. In today’s world, enterprises are also using the mobile content as a tool to boost up their employee productivity. The trend will continue to grow as the ability to distribute these collateral on employee hands means that enterprises can be more cost-effective and has the advantage of enhancing the business productivity.

This has made content or data become the lifeblood of the enterprise. With the proliferation of mobile device usage for business, companies need to make enterprise data accessible to those mobile devices. Users with mobile devices need easy and secure access to the documents that are essential for their work, where they can easily view content and maximize the benefit of it. The challenge lies in the Mobile IT team to enable those contents on each employee hands while ensuring that corporate data security is not being hurt. To do so, Mobile IT team needs a platform that can seamlessly distribute the content and securely wipe it while the corporate policies are being compromised.