Mobile Threat Defense

Mobile security and threat detection

In the world of modern work, business users are forced to be productive while the organization is demanded to be innovating and growing. Corporate data is now available on user’s hand with mobile and web apps are built for this purpose. While more and more users are getting the instant access to corporate data on a device of their choice anytime and anywhere, organizations are challenged with visibility into malicious threats, meeting compliance and regulatory security guidelines, and lack complete control over employee-owned devices.

Built for mobile devices purpose, Helios provide a solution for both of corporate and employee owned devices are protected against advance threats so users can be more productive. The Mobile Threat Defense delivers an advance mobile security that enable enterprises to monitor, manage, and secure devices against mobile – device, network and application (DNA) – cyberattacks. Using active machine learning technology that plant on the MDM agent, threats can be stopped on-device, even without network connectivity. Users are not required to take any action to deploy or activate the application, and they cannot uninstall the protection. There is no disruption to their productivity, and mobile devices are prevented from impacting the corporate network and risking data loss.

To summarize, Mobile Threat Defense can help organizations to

1) Reduce the risk of company & customer data loss with proactive detection of threats and attacks

2) Gain visibility into malicious threats on mobile devices, OS, network, and application risks

3) Respond to compliance and regulatory security guidelines

4) Keep mobile workers productive