Multiple Merchant Solution

One view for many stores

To ensure your business can running smoothly & manage well, Technology will be a crucial part in helping you effectively execute a smart business strategy. Especially for Retail Industry, new technology has been adopted to support business collaboration & sales payment process.

One of the solutions is mobile POS , it is a complete payment solution, marketing, and management tools that can handles multiple stores with effectively. Using this solution you can completely command and control for all your store in different sites via a consolidated view or drill down to the smallest detail information. Beside that Mobile POS allowed you to directly communicate to employees at the POS system, & enable you to send email from the back office for one and many stores

To push the sales value, mobile POS solutions can attract and retain more customers by offering instant integrated loyalty discount and redeemable automatically. Capture contact info at the POS and send offer emails from back office via one sire or all of them.

Moreover, the owner could get some sales report including activity snapshot comparisons. For some condition, mobile POS can take credit transactions even in offline mode.