Networking in Branch Offices

Gain visibility to your distributed enterprise environments

Opening new branches is a sign of business growth. However, it comes with the task of supporting a workforce that’s highly mobile and requires access to the same resources as corporate users.

Some the problems that could arise include:

  • IT in head office often has troubles in monitoring network performance and health of the branch offices due to poor visibility.
  • Delays in troubleshooting may also occur.
  • High chance of steep operating cost because there must be an IT staff placed at every satellite office to monitor the network

These problems can be addressed by investing in Network Monitoring System (NMS) as well as Remote Access Points for branch offices. With NMS, IT can centrally manage and monitor the entire distributed network, suitable for locations with no dedicated IT onsite. Especially now with the growth of mobility and IoT devices connecting to enterprise networks, IT needs more granular tools and deeper insights to see how the network is performing. IT should be able to see the apps that are on your network, which ones are used the most, and who is using them. Prioritize apps based on business needs, while also enhancing performance and security.

Meanwhile, Remote Access Point allows IT to securely extend the corporate enterprise network at lower cost and at a massive scale to easily overcome the complexity that makes traditional remote networking options poorly suited for wide-scale business continuity applications.

With these solutions, businesses can grow without having to worry about security or high staff cost. NMS and Remote Access Point will take care of the nuisances associated with branching out and ensure businesses to run smoothly.