Next Generation Application Firewall

What you can’t see can hurt you!

Today the evolution of IT industry growing so fast, all application, services and devices are being connected through the internet with new technologies, such as BYOD, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud and so on. This will bring many business advantages including greater convenience and productivity, however with tremendous power also comes great responsibility in handling network security.

In 2017, a new variation of ransomware called WannaCry infected more than 99 countries, attacking governments, schools, hospitals, and other industries. It was this incident that made ransomware well-known to the public. Ransomware is a malicious software that cyber-criminals use to hold your files (or computer) for ransom and requiring you to pay a certain amount of money to get them back by encrypting your files.

Since its been discovered, Ransomware has been growing at a tremendous speed with more and more users being infected, both companies and consumers. This is critically affecting the productivity & reputation of many companies, which many of them are paying in the end. Application security is no longer optional.

Next Generation Application Firewall

Next Generation Application Firewall (NGAF) is a converged security solution providing protection against IPS, advanced threat, malware, viruses, ransomware and web-based attacks using integrated security features like Firewall, IPS, AV, Anti-malware, Advance Persistence Threats, URL filtering, Cloud Sandbox, and WAF.

It is almost impossible to go through thousands of logs by just utilizing human resources to analyze. NGAF will filter all logs and only shows the ones with the highest level of importance.

Neural-X, newest security innovation, is at the core of a sophisticated web of developed network security elements like threat intelligence, deep learning, WAF, ZSand, Botnet Malware Detection and Engine Zero. As a cloud-based intelligence and analytic platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Neural-X empowers and expands security detection capabilities.

Protect Your Business Assets

  • Security Visibility

Next Generation Application Firewall Reporting Tools can give you an extensive overview of their network with just a few clicks. Information like online user identity, server or abnormal traffic and attack status and source are just a few of the visibility resources provided.

  • Real Time Detection, Rapid Reponse

Next Generation Application Firewall is capable to detecting in real-time threats at every step and provide a rapid response on how to deal with them. Also all threats in the Network will be listed according to their threats level and protection status.

  • Simplified Security Operation & Maintenance

Next Generation Application Firewall is using an intuitive configuration wizard to make security policies deployment easy. IT team can easily add or modify rules. With the visibility and real-time detection features of NGAF, IT team can check the network security before the system goes online and make sure that no vulnerabilities exist in the network.

  • One-Stop Security Solution for Web Applications

Compared with traditional webpage protection solutions, Next Generation Application Firewall can provide better resistance against all kind of web attacks and effectively protect your web business applications.

  • High Performance For Application Layer Security

Because NGAF focus on the Detection Methods, Software Architecture, Engine Performance and Computing Power, it makes NGAF more expert to protect your web application.