Optimize Your Corporate Own Device Using Kiosk Mode Solution

Manage and control all your corporate devices only for business purpose

The corporate world is changing every day. We know that enterprise mobility and the apps used are currently common in every business sector. To keep up in the business competition, the company is preferring to follow the trend, adopting a new technology system by using mobile application for their business operational. Moreover, company become able to provide a corporate owned device such as tablet or smartphone for employees to realize the enterprise mobility trend.

Whether your want it or not, to move to the mobility trend era, the company will face some business challenges such as: company will be hard to manage the device for working used only, furthermore the company must ensure that the decision to using mobile device will be optimize the business,


So, that the company needs additional solution to deal with. Using our mobility solutions, we can help you to maximize your business using Kiosk Mode Solutions. What is Kiosk Mode Solutions? Here, let us tell you about it.

KiosK Mode is a solution to custom and limit the application installed in your corporate device. Using Kiosk Mode Solution, you can create your corporate branding by customizing and prevent the device`s wallpaper changing. Generally, in this mode, the users will have no access to settings any other functions besides work affairs. There is no more worried about moving to mobility trend era, your business become more efficient using our solutions.