SDWAN Solution

Boost your branch business with SD WAN

With the globalization of the economy, more companies are expanding their business to different regions and even the world. Many industries are spread all over the world like manufacturing, retail, and mining. Sometimes, branches have less access to headquarters or data centers. The other problem is, most of the company have two traditional networking, one is dedicated, the quality is good, but the price is high and the bandwidth is low. The other one is Internet VPN, which uses the Internet line to obtain high bandwidth at a low price, but the cross-region cross-ISP line is unstable, the packet loss delay is high, and the user experience is poor. No matter which kind of networking mode, it takes a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources and time. The dedicated line needs the service provider to coordinate among the ISPs. The VPN needs to be installed and debugged on the branch equipment.

So, how to meet the needs of different enterprises??

Sangfor SD WAN providing a next-generation network congestion solution for enterprises. It improves the ability of any HQ office to easily operate & maintain its branches and improve the branch user experience. This innovative solution can satisfy the requirements of different size offices with integrated dynamic path selection, application acceleration, and bandwidth management. These three core technologies are necessary to provide the best user experience and a highly efficient intranet. Branch devices can also be quickly deployed online via the zero-touch feature and the HQ IT team can orchestrate branch IT with full visualization of the operation & centralized management to reduce deployment time and save high OPEX.

With SD WAN you can get:

1. Easy Deployment with Zero Touch Deployment and Auto VPN connectivity

2. WAN Optimization features

    a. Smooth video conferencing

    b. Boosting WAN performance

    c. Rapid reduction of bandwidth cost

3. Deploy NFV On Demand

4. Centralize Management

5. Granular Traffic Management

6. Powerfull Overall Solutions