WAN Optimization

Boost your business connectivity

Most business applications perform well on LAN, but they don't operate or transmit efficiently enough on WAN due to bandwidth constraints, protocol limitations and latency. Organizations are forced to upgrade their bandwidth to solve this problem, but it usually turns out not effective. With WAN Optimization solution, Data Center, Disaster Recovery Site and branches in different locations can experience an accelerated network performance where critical business applications won't be interrupted and data exchange will be fast. A LAN-like experience over the enterprise WAN.


1. Data Optimization

With WANO you can reduce the amount of data to be transmitted by compressing data before transmission. WANO also can reduce bandwidth consumption and bandwidth upgrade cost.

2. Accelerated VPN

Because it integrated with WAN acceleration and VPN technologies, WANO can help you enjoy the faster access speed comparable to leased line.

3. Application Optimization

By optimizing application interaction mechanism with application layer protocol proxy technology, it accelerates access speed to business application including access from branches.

4. Video Conference Optimization

With WANO you can reduce packet loss. Because WANO can sense packet loss on links and automatically retransmit data to eliminate mosaics and make video conference smoother through cache and proxy of UDP data.