Hybrid Cloud


Empower your salesperson, multiply your revenue

In this new era of digital, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish. To adapt in this digital age, every business need to change the way they sell their products. Business leaders need to equip each and every salesperson in their organization with the right tools they need. Helios Informatika Nusantara proudly presenting the tools that will boost your sales performance based on research on market today, we named it H-Sales.

There are 5 pillars which H-Sales can help to leverage in your business:

  1. Reinvent the way you communicate with each other

    Swift and open communication is one of the most important keys in the selling process. The faster the communication and internal discussions process, the faster your salesperson can get back to your customers. So, it can also speed things up and shorten the sales cycle. Because in business today, timing is everything.

    In terms of reinventing the communication, we are not only focusing on speed, but also in security and file management. The platform is now open and ready, using tools like these, management can easily find out where is the bottleneck of the whole selling process.

  2. Connect HQ with branches

    Why connecting headquarter and branches / salespersons is important? Because we need to ensure that necessary information like new product launching, how-to-pitch guidelines, marketing programs and event schedule are well-received and ready to use by salespersons whenever and wherever they need it.

    Using H-Sales, we can also gather instant feedback from the market through the salesperson to the organizations. Imagine you can easily get customer’s feedback of your product and services, it will definitely improve the decision-making process in the management.

  3. Provide realtime dashboard

    Using the analytic and data visualization tools we can create realtime dashboard that are showing current state of the sales performance. The data will not say anything if it isn’t processed and visualized right, we have to turn our data into information, and information into insights, and it will become our weapon in this fast-changing market condition. H-Sales will provide helicopter view for the head of sales team to maintain the performance of the whole team.

  4. Improve teamwork and boost productivity

    If your organization has more than 25 salespersons in the company, internal competition is inevitable. What we have to do is to direct the competition spirit into a healthy one. Building a healthy competitive environment will boosting productivity in each sales team and improve the overall sales performance.

  5. Utilize your millennials

    Millennials shifting is happening, yes it is. The millennials generation, born between 1980 and 2000, are poised to form 50% of the global workforce by 2020. With such vast numbers, their presence will have immense influence in shaping workplace cultures, while their well-being will continue to define workforce productivity for the years to come. 

    Being born in the digital era, millennials have so much potentials, they are highly motivated, creative and resourceful. We have to use their way of communication to get them moving. Given the right tools, millennials can multiply the result.

    Stay the same and we will be left behind. Get H-Sales Solution and change the way you do things because what won yesterday, might be in the last place today. Start your sales transformation now!