Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Bring Cloud Computing Power to Your Datacenter

Agility of a system to fulfil business needs become a critical aspect for business development in this digital age. Hybrid cloud give automation ability to do provisioning IT infrastructure in practical and faster way. Also, our company can analyse how much IT infrastructure usage for every division if our company apply hybrid cloud computing in our datacentre. It's possible because invoicing system in cloud computing is directed to each division.

Other benefits using Hybrid cloud is we don't need to think about regulation that forbid us to use cloud computing because the datacentre is oversea. We can also choose which data we want to put on-premises and which data or system that we want to run in cloud, so the system can run more flexible and effective. All of those benefits can be access using self-service portal that owned by Hybrid Cloud and make it easy to access and more flexible.

One of Hybrid Cloud that can be used is Azure Stack from Microsoft. Using Azure Stack for our IT needs will give us some benefits. Here's some benefits using Azure Stack:

  1. Automation: Using Azure Stack as our Hybrid cloud will help us to do automation when we need resource for our IT needs. Azure Stack have marketplace to make us easier to provision our IT resource.
  2. Auto-invoicing: Azure Stack provide auto-invoicing system for the user, so we can monitor the usage of IT in every division and make it efficient.
  3. Regulation: Using cloud in this day sometimes give us problematic with regulation of our country. Azure stack is located in the country so there won't break any regulation from our country.

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