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Migrate Your Legacy Windows Server Applications with Containerization

“Lift and Shift” your Legacy Applications to new platform

Currently organizations are facing the end of support for Windows Server 2008 and many production applications is still running on Windows Server 2008. Migrating all of these critical applications to a supported version of Windows Server is painful and costly, due to rigid legacy application architectures that are riddled with dependencies.

The option of doing nothing (running applications on unsupported OS versions) means exposing organizations to security vulnerabilities, raise compliance issues, make it difficult to update along with troubleshoot and secure systems.

A Complete Solution for Legacy Windows Server Application Migration

Containerization has opened up a much easier path for moving legacy Windows applications to Server 2016 without any code changes. Once an application is containerized, it becomes portable to Windows Server 2016 and any future versions.

Docker Enterprise is the only container platform that supports containerization and migration of Windows Server 2003 and 2008 applications to Server 2016 with no changes to the application itself.