Hybrid Cloud

Modern Workplace

Have your office in everywhere

Modern Workspace is condition where we can work together with our co-worker in the same time, even we're not in the same place. In this digital era that dominated by Millennials, we cannot deny that there is a culture that formed where every Millennials want to have flexibility in time and place to do their job. If our company cannot answer Millennial's need to get a right platform, our company will go through distress because Millennials start to dominate professional world.

With Office 365, Modern workspace can be realized for your company, so your employee can work everywhere with flexible time. Here's how Office 365 give you modern workspace:

  1. Access Modern Email Everywhere: in traditional IT system, employee can only open email in the office. With office 365, our Mail Service is on cloud, so we can access our mail from everywhere, not only in our office.
  2. File Sharing: It's really annoyed to share our file through USB or other devices. With Office 365, OneDrive give ability to share our file easily because we put our file on the cloud. We can synchronize our OneDrive with our device, so we can open file in our OneDrive in our PC like we open file in our PC.
  3. Collaborate tools: It's really common for us to collaborate in our work with our co-worker. If we don't have platform that support us in communicate with our co-worker, it will mess up and our work will be hampered. Office 365 have Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business so we can collaborate smoothly with our co-worker even when we can't meet face-to-face.